Rodent and Mice Control

Rodent and Mice Control

A key to successful long-term rodent control is limiting shelter and food sources wherever possible. At Hawkeye Exterminators, we not only eliminate rodents, mice and rats, we find the reason why they are entering your home or business and provide solutions to stop the entry of rodents. We use a baiting method with a bait that is not harmful to your pets.

Mice are a common problem in homes and businesses. Whether your home or building is new or aged, mice can find there way in. With proper maintenance, sanitation and control techniques, your mouse problem can quickly be controlled and then eliminated.

There are three types of mice that invade structures in Iowa. The house mouse is medium brown to dark gray in color. It has large ears and a nearly hairless tail the same length as its body. The deer mouse is brown or gray with a white belly and a bi-colored tail. The meadow mouse or vole is a larger, chunkier mouse gray in color. It has small ears, a long nose and a short tail. Mice breed year round with peak breeding times in the spring and fall. Females may produce up to fifty offspring per year. At three weeks of age, young mice are developed enough to leave the nest. Mice have poor vision and are color blind. They rely on smell, taste ,touch and hearing. They use their long sensitive whiskers near their nose and the guard hairs on their body as sensors that allow them to travel in the dark, pressing their body along walls and boxes to scurry about.

Mice prefer to eat cereals, grains, seeds, and fatty high protein foods like meats, nuts and grease. They may also eat sweets like chocolate and candy if it is available. The tend to eat their food, but will drink if it is readily available. They may feed up to twenty times per night, nibbling small amounts at a time.

A mouse is a very nimble and agile critter. They can jump up to twelve inches and jump down up to eight feet. They can run up rough vertical surfaces and squeeze through an opening a quarter inch wide. If you can get a pencil in a hole a mouse can go into it. They can run upside down, swim, run alon g skinny wires, pipes and narrow ledges.

The signs of a mice infestation in your home or business are many. The first and most obvious is a visual sighting of a mouse. Squeaking and scrambling noises in walls and ceilings are common during an infestation. Small black football shaped feces droppings may be found in feeding areas and along travel routes. Shredded paper or fiber material like cottons or insulation is a sign of nest building. Mice are very curious and do not fear new objects in their travel areas. They will investigate and almost immediately enter bait stations, snap traps or glue boards if they are properly placed in the right spots, leading to quick success in a mouse control program.

The first step to mice control is keeping the area around your home or structure free of leaves, debris, stored piles of wood, lumber and other materials. Keeping your basement window wells clean and debris free is also very important. Sealing holes and cracks on the exterior of your home will help prevent entry. An inspection by a pest control professional will identify these problems and help assist you in fixing them.

Once you have a mouse problem inside your home or business, a professional pest control company like Hawkeye Exterminators can do a thorough investigation to identify problem areas and implement a proper control program. Techniques used may include sealing, trapping using snap traps or glue boards or placing bait in child, pet proof locking boxes. All rodent baits used by pest control professionals will not cause secondary poisoning to other animals that may come in contact with it. Mice in the home can usually be control in two weeks or less.

Whether you have a mouse problem or want to prevent one let a professional pest control exterminating company handle it properly and safely.

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